Hello, and welcome to The China Teaching Experience. We enable graduates (in any subject area) to live and work in China, experiencing first-hand all that China has to offer. Our primary opportunity kicks off in August each year, and runs in conjunction with 3 separate Chinese organisations: (1) The China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), (2) MF International Education Group, LLC (MF), and (3) CIPTC, Shenzhen. Successful applicants will enjoy a salaried placement at a CEAIE-approved, MF-approved, or CIPTC-approved school, college or university in China, teaching English for two academic semesters. We also have an all year round start date option, for those wishing to come out to China at a time other than August. Whether you are looking for an affordable way to travel, to gain valuable teaching experience, or to simply broaden your horizons, The China Teaching Experience would love to help you do it! Please take a look around the website, and get in touch if there is anything at all that remains unclear.


Deciding whether or not to move to China can feel like a pretty big deal. Why not speak with a current applicant, or at least check out their Instagram account?


We are currently taking applications for our China 2021, August start option. You’ll be one of a group of about 50! Get in touch & schedule an Info Call/Interview today!


Not quite ready to take the plunge on a China placement? Our online TEFL option is for you. The £134.99 cost is fully-refundable if you later do one of our supported China placements!

1 Applicant, 1 Second Per Day, for 2 Years!